About Great Plains

Great Plains Craft Spirits is an award-winning small producer based in Calgary, Alberta that was founded in 2016 with the mission of crafting world-class, artisanal whisky. 


We source limited lots of well-aged Canadian whiskies, in-cask, at full-strength from local sources. We finish these in distilled spirits barrels that we’ve imported from the finest estates in Europe from regions like Cognac, Armagnac, and Andalusia. Finally, we taste, blend, and bottle at optimum proof. 


Our whisky lots can be as small as 2 barrels and as large as 24, of various ages up to more than 30 years. We’ll even release single casks. We produce very limited quantities of each whisky and mass production is simply not an option. Once sold, they likely won’t be back!


Not to worry though, we have new products in development, each a little (or a lot) different than the last. One thing that they all have in common is that they taste fantastic!


In short, we bring you something most big distillers either can’t or won’t: local, uniquely artisanal whisky crafted with passion, originality, and care. The enthusiastic reviews and awards we’ve received at the Canadian Whisky Awards and San Francisco World’s Spirits Competition tells us we’re on the right track. We guarantee it’s unlike anything that you’ve ever tasted!

Behind Great Plains

Mike Gordon

“I have always loved Canadian whisky, and over the years, I found myself preferring it to single malt scotch and bourbon. It’s smooth and complex – and a big plus is that it’s much more affordable than foreign whiskeys – especially given the quality.


Great Plains Craft Spirits was born out my feeling that a lot of great Canadian whiskies still weren’t reaching their full potential though. Big distillers tend to focus on huge production volumes, artificially boost shelf appeal by adding colouring, and diluting their products to minimal alcohol standards to maximize production volumes. I felt that there was a distinct opportunity to make Canadian whisky even better.


We’re not distillers (at least not right now) because we’ve found great old whisky and a means to make it even more special and frankly we didn’t want to wait another 18 years to release our first products!


Our whiskies are carefully sourced, aged perfectly, and custom finished and blended with creativity to provide you with a totally unique taste experience. It’s Canadian whisky – reinvented.”

Victor Mah

“The thing about Canadian whisky that I appreciate is that it’s so approachable for a newcomer, but still offers that wide-ranging complexity for hardcore aficionados. 


As we did our homework in developing the business, we had a good idea for what the product could be. But the tipping point for us was when we tasted a sample the first lot of whisky we acquired: eye-popping is not an understatement! We recognized with additional finishing and cask strength bottling, we were on to something. Few whisky heads have the opportunity to taste a well-aged Western Canadian whisky straight from the cask. We deliver some of that experience, but with the added flair of the distinctive finishing and approach to final production. 


Like Mike says, big distillers tend to focus on quantity: they’ll put out something special to generate a halo effect on their run of the mill stuff. I like to think all of our products are special; we don’t do run of the mill!”