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Great whisky has always been made in Canada. But the really good stuff is hidden away in the corners of old distillery warehouses.    Set aside for years for special releases or blending, these stocks have aged beautifully and become even better when finished and blended with care and creativity.

At Great Plains Craft Spirits, we source small batches of these premium, well-aged Canadian whiskies and finish them in fine brandy barrels – from regions that include Armagnac, Cognac and Jerez.  The finishing is closely monitored to ensure the desired flavor profiles are achieved – between six to twenty-four months.  We then blend and bottle at optimum proof.

In short, we bring you something most big distillers either can’t or won’t, and we guarantee it’s unlike any Canadian whisky you have ever tasted.

About Us

Great Plains Craft Spirits is an award-winning boutique producer in Calgary, Alberta. We are focused on small-batch sourcing, finishing and blending, producing whiskies that are well-aged, finely-finished and thoughtfully crafted.

We have forged close relationships with our whisky and finishing cask suppliers, but as opportunities to acquire volumes and types of whisky or barrels are unpredictable, each of our releases is unique.

As a result, some whiskies are only available in tiny quantities and desirable finishing casks (especially old ones from venerable estates) are snapped up immediately after being offered. Our release volumes are as small as two barrels and as large as twenty-four. We’ll even release single casks.

Compare that to some big Canadian distillers who release over three thousand barrels of a single product every year!

The bottom line is that our whiskies are unique, in very small batches, and only released for bottling when we feel ready. Buy them when you can – because once sold – they’re gone.

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